Annual Planning Committee

The Annual Planning Committee (APC) works year-round to assemble innovative content, speakers, and technology for the PSPS Annual Meeting held every fall. Members work closely with industry partners and other PSPS committees including the education, membership and scientific committees. The APC works inclusively to organize a world-class meeting that includes a cadaveric skills lab, robust scientific program with abstract awards, surgical and pain panel speakers, and advanced practice provider (APP) program.

Eric Lee, MD - Co-Chair (HI)

Scott Pritzlaff, MD - Co-Chair (CA)

Bryan Hoelzer, MD

Michael Oh, MD (CA)

Brittany Grovey, MD (CA)

Michael Dorsi, MD (CA)

David Lee, MD (CA)

Diversity & Inclusive Committee

The diversity and inclusion committee's mission is to increase awareness of, and access to PSPS for all under-represented groups; support increased roles and advancement through mentorship and leadership opportunities; and provide a forum to support and advance under-represented voices. We also serve in an advisory role to the PSPS Board of Directors and other subcommittees on topics related to diversity, inclusion, and healthcare inequities.

Eric Cornidez, MD, MBA

Brittany Grovey, MD

Gemayel Lee, MD

Priyanka Ghosh, MD

Philip Oreoluwa, MD

Marga Glasser, MD

Lorenzo Diaz, MD

Siyun Xie, MD

Education Committee

The Education Committee (EC) is a vital committee at the Pacific Spine and Pain Society (PSPS) and helps carry out one of the Society's most valued initiatives. Initially, the EC was mainly involved with once a year in person neuromodulation cadaver labs but has now grown substantially since then. As we continue to recognize the impressive expansion of the field of pain management along with the need to further collaborate with our spine surgery partners, the EC has put more energy into various projects and has evolved into separate subcommittees to help address the needs of this committee, which are listed below:

  1. Cadaver Lab Committee - Supports and develops programs for neuromodulation lab, MIS lab, surgeon's lab and annual meeting lab.
  2. Webinar Committee - Supports and develops educational content for webinars that are done throughout the year.
  3. Journal Club Committee - Supports and develops dinner programs that bring together surgeons and pain management physicians to discuss cases as well as the pivotal journal articles.

The EC meets weekly in the morning and seeks energetic and innovative members.

Vafi Salmasi, MD

Samir Sheth, MD

Gemayel Lee, MD

Einar Ottestad, MD

Michael Oh, MD

Ravi Prasad, PhD

David Lee, MD

Michael Dorsi, MD

Steven Albano, DO

Drew Trainor, DO

Silver Balcázar de León, MD

Alexander Dydyk, MD

Harjot Bhandal, MD

Morad Nasseri, MD

Aric Steinmann, MD

David Gallacher, MD

Marc E. Lynch, DO

JD Williams, MD

Alan Lin, MD

Gregory Phillips, MD

Membership Committee

The mission of the membership committee of PSPS is to develop innovative ways to recruit new members as well as retain existing members through communications and member engagement and conferences. The goal is to encourage diversity of membership through working with physicians and allied healthcare providers in various specialties who work with spine and pain disorders. Membership is open to all specialties including but not limited to Interventional Pain Management, Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery, and Orthopaedic Surgery. With a diverse membership, PSPSmembers are able to develop skills necessary to understand comprehensive approaches to managing complex spine and pain disorders.

Jackie Weisbein, DO, Chair (CA)

Yu-Po Lee, MD, Co-Chair (CA)

Priyanka Ghosh, MD (CA)

Jennifer Hah, MD (CA)

Daniel Orlovich, MD (CA)

Denis G. Patterson, DO (NV)

Sheba Shah, MD (AZ)

Drew Trainor, DO, MS (CO)

Melissa Delamora, APN

Brian Su, MD (CA)

Jane Hartigan, PA

Stephen Albano, DO (CA)

Policy & Advocacy Committee

The PSPS Advocacy and Policy Committee's purpose is to present the highest quality evidence-based pain management treatments to regional and national organizations (Medicare, private insurance, workers compensation) to maintain access for the best therapies to treat pain for our patients. The strength of our committee is to draw news of issues from along the West Coast so we can be less reactive and more proactive with our initiatives. Moreover, we are committed to teaching anyone involved in the committee simple approaches for communication and representation so all of us can become local experts for advocacy in our regional locations.

Michael Leong, MD, Chair (CA)

Vivek Babaria, DO (CA)

David Russo, DO (OR)

Damoon Rejaei, MD (CA)

Samir Sheth, MD (CA)

Brian Kim, MD

Jennifer Lee, MD (WA)

Sandy Christiansen, MD (OR)

Stephen Albano, DO (CA)

Manoj Jagtiani, PGY5 (CA)

Research and Scientific Committee

The PSPS Research Committee aims to develop, support, and promote the highest quality of evidence in the expanding field of Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Spine procedures. By collaborating with relevant agencies and industry, this committee helps to strengthen relationships and create opportunities to enhance research funds and resource sharing. We also encourage the development of new research and researchers through mentorship by established leaders in the field, as well as provide funding for new research initiatives.

Ryan Mattie, MD, Co-Chair

Namath Hussain, MD, MBA, Co-Chair

Patrick Buchanan MD

Priyanka Ghosh, MD

Michael Dorsi, MD

Harjot Bhandal, MD

Brian Su, MD

Michael Oh, MD

Chau Vu, MD

Philip Shumsky, MD

Ahish Chitneni, DO

Ratan Kumar Banik, MD

Lasha-Giorgi Esebua, MD

David Gallacher, MD

Cao Fei, MD, PhD

Gregory Phillips, MD

Jessica Jameson, MD

Roshan Santhosh , DO

Greg Moore, MD

Anand Patil, DO